Rocky Kamboj is a Famous, Top and Best Astrologer in India having 26 years Experience living in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

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Know & Buy your Lucky Gemstone according to the Planets in your Horoscope. 

Gemstones are used since ages to Strengthen Weak Planets in Horoscope. 

Job, business, profession, education, siblings, children, property, litigation, marriage, divorce, conjugal life, foreign travel, stability in income, love life, Extra marital affair. Queries answered and remedies provided by VEDIC ASTROLOGY AND LAL KITAB by Kundli / Horoscope.

Pay by Paytm / Net Banking and take consultation on phone from all over India.

Rocky Kamboj Ji is a Famous, Best And Top Astrologer in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha having 26 years of experience since 1993. He is called Guru Ji or Baba Ji as a mark of respect by his clients.


Are there any chances of Transfer in my current Job ?When will I get a Job ?

Is there any Chance of Promotion in my Job ?

Which business should I choose ?

Which will be the best period in my life ?

Will I grow in Job, Profession or Business ?

Which Colour of Vehicle should I purchase ?

Which Colour of Clothes should i wear for success ?

Which direction will give me more success ?

There are troubles in finding a right matrimonial alliance. When will i get married ? What are the solutions ?

My marital life is too much disturbed. Whether this relationship has any substance or will it end in divorce ?

I doubt my boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse of having another relationship. Is that so ?

I earn so much but not able to save. What should i do?

When should i buy a property ?

Will i ever be able to buy my own property ?

Will i ever be able to buy my own Luxury Car like a Mercedes, BMW or Audi ?

How many children will i have ?

We are married since long but still do not have the bliss of a child. Is there any child in our luck or not ?

When will i go for a foreign trip ?

What are the chances of my Political success ?

What are the chances of my Success in the field of Acting and Modelling ?

Will i ever have Name and Fame ?

How will be my relationship with my brothers and sisters ?

How will be my relationship with my father and mother ?

There are obstacles coming in my Business. How should i remove them ?

I have a long time established business but suddenly something bad has happened and there is no Customer. What should i do now ?

My Start up is not succeeding. Should i spend my time on its further development or shut it down ?

I am undergoing Litigation. How should i win ?

I have fear from enemies. Will they win or I ? How should i protect myself ?

Do i have a Research Oriented Brain ?

I want to achieve Moksha. Do I have yoga for that ?

What should i do to Win Elections this time ?

I am a Builder and Developer, When should i come up with a New Project ? Will there be any chance of success ?

I am an Actor and not getting any movies since few years. What should i do now to get a new movie ?

I am a model but struggling to get launch. When will i ever get any work ? Is there any remedy ?

My Competitor’s Shop has more Clients than mine. How can i get business ?

My boyfriend started liking some other Girl. How can i get my Lost love back ?

My Girlfriend started liking some other boy. Now she doesn’t even talk to me. How can i get my Lost love back ?

I am married but do not like my spouse. Do our horoscopes really match or not ?

Still Single. Will i ever get married or live a lonely life forever ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Promotion ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Improve my Health ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Fare Well in my kid’s / my Education ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Improve my Business Success ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Married Soon ? Its already so delayed.

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Get Name and Fame ?

Which Gemstone Should We Wear to Get a Child ?

Which Gemstone should i wear to remove Negativity in my mind ?

Which Gemstone Should We Wear to Improve our Conjugal Life ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Win Elections this time ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Help me in Foreign Settlement ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Avoid Accidents ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to have Good Relations with my Parents ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to increase my Salary / Income ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to have a Good Bank Balance ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Help me in Instant Gains from Shares / Lottery ?

Which Gemstone Should i Wear to Protect myself from Enemies ?

Where will I Get Genuine Gemstones ? How should i wear it ?

Do you have any Talisman to Get my Lost Love Back ?

Do you have any Talisman to Protect my kid from Evil Eye ?

Do you have any Talisman to Protect me from Dangers ?



Please Read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before Contacting.

No Cancellation, No Return, No Refund Policy.

Online Astrology Services are available Pan India and Pan Globe in Pre-Paid Mode only.

Please do not disturb by calling for free consultation or paying later after consultation.

ज्योतिषी, ਜੋਤਸ਼ੀ, জ্যোতিষী, જ્યોતિષશાસ્ત્રી, ജ്യോതിഷി, طالع بین, ஜோதிடர், జ్యోతిష్కుడు, ستوتیشی


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